Located in Istinye – one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul with a history that dates back to ancient times, the Nidapark Istinye Project stands out with its exquisite sea view and architectural properties, while preparing to top out your living standards with its 56 blocks, 522 apartment units, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers, a 47.500 m2 park that transforms the vibe of the area and parking lots; all established across an area of 73.000 m2.

The Panorama, Vadi and Koru phases found within the project attain a privileged status with their very own exclusive social facilities.

Nidapark İstinye Panaroma consists of 24 blocks with 210 independent sections, while Nidapark İstinye Koru offers 12 blocks with 134 independent sections and Nidapark İstinye Vadi features 20 blocks with 178 independent sections.

Designed in the form of 4 to 5 stories rising above garden level, the blocks offer all the necessary qualities required to meet your needs with options ranging from 2+1 to 5.5+1 apartments.

Tahincioğlu Real Estate is a Tahincioğlu Holding group company, operating in the real estate development and investment areas. Tahincioğlu Real Estate, one of Turkey’s leading trademarks in the real estate industry, undertakes premium retail, office, residence and shopping mall projects as well as the construction and development of luxury hotels with an experience of over 65 years.

In addition to these projects, the company also actively manages its extensive portfolio comprised of revenue-generating real estate assets. The total construction area of projects completed by Tahincioğlu covers over 4 million square meters to date.

As of 2020, Tahincioğlu has established two new companies, namely Tahincioğlu Management and Services and Nidapark Real Estate, expanding its services in the real estate sector while maintaining its ongoing activities.

Tahincioğlu’s construction company Nida Construction is the general contractor for all Tahincioğlu projects. Among the projects that have become synonymous with the company are Palladium Tower, Palladium Ataşehir Shopping Mall and Residence, Palladium Antakya Shopping Mall, Nidakule Kozyatağı, Nidakule Göztepe and Swissôtel Grand Efes and Convention Center.

Sentido Perissia Hotel and Perissia Hotel Cappadocia are also among the hotel projects developed, constructed and later handed over by Tahincioğlu. The office projects Nidakule Kozyatağı, Nidakule Ataşehir West, Nidakule Ataşehir Sout, Nidakule Ataşehir North, Nidakule Göztepe and Nidakule Levent have been completed, while residential projects Nidapark Küçükyalı, Nidapark İstinye and Nidapark Ayyıldız are still under construction. Having completed and delivered Nidapark Beşiktaş in June 2015, Nidakule Seyrantepe in June 2017, Nidapark Başakşehir in October 2017, Nidapark Kayaşehir in August 2019 and found within the Nidapark Küçükyalı Project the Nidapark Küçükyalı Kınalı Phase in August 2020, Nidapark Küçükyalı Sedef Phase in April 2021. Tahincioğlu has put the Nidapark Çengelköy project up for sale at the end of Q1 of 2021.

In 1953, a mentality that would lead the urbanization efforts of a country and improve the people’s life quality was born. In that year, Emlak Konut, the deep-rooted brand of the construction industry, started its journey of success. The corporate vision was decided to build environmentally conscious modern cities that add comfort to human life. With this purpose, Emlak Konut became the architect of many innovative practices in the industry.

Emlak Konut delivered many projects leaving a good example and traces for planned urbanization in our country. It built the most innovative neighborhoods of its era with projects so large that even their surroundings were named after them. This stable growth brought up a significant milestone as well. In 2002, Emlak Konut turned into a real estate investment company. This transformation was the herald for the giant projects, barnburners and becoming an even bigger company. After the establishment of the real estate investment company, Emlak Konut initiated 139 new projects that would have a broad effect on the world, embody environmentally conscious technologies and add value to cities. The number of units built and tendered since 2003 has reached 129.000.

Emlak Konut went public twice, crowning its fast growth and taking its targets to wider horizons. The initial public offering which took place in 2010, ranked among the top 5 public offerings in the Republic’s history. The second one, in 2013, became the greatest real estate public offering in the last 5 years in Europe. Growing with public offerings, Emlak Konut strengthens its place among the largest companies in Turkey with its paid-in capital of TRY 3,8 billion and its total value of assets of TRY 24,8 billion as of March 31, 2020.

Since its foundation, Emlak Konut has been taking firm steps towards the future with its increasing momentum, human-oriented corporate culture and its latest state. It is getting closer and closer to its goal of becoming Turkey’s pride as a global player in the world.